Monday, September 26, 2016

Saint Dane: A Hybrid Sweetheart

Saint Danes are a hybrid mix of the Saint Bernard and Great Dane dog breeds. They are also known as Great Bernards. They are usually bred by mating a purebred Saint Bernard with a purebred Great Dane. A mixture of either of these breeds with a Saint Dane will also produce a Saint Dane.While Saint Danes are not purebred dogs, they are also not mutts. They are not mutts because their lineage is traceable on both sides to purebreds or to Saint Danes who have purebred lineage.  That is what makes Saint Dane a hybrid breed.

A hybrid dog breed’s appearance and behavior is best assessed by looking at both parent breeds. This is a good way to guess how the animal will behave and what their needs will be.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are huge dogs. Their minimum adult height is 2 feet 3 inches and their adult weight ranges between 130 and 180 pounds. They were initially bred as guard and rescue dogs so they are very powerful. They also have an excellent sense of smell.

Saint Bernards are typically white with brown markings all over their bodies. They can have long or short hair and they shed a lot. They need frequent grooming. They also have very large heads and they drool constantly.

Despite their size, Saint Bernards are fantastic family dogs but because of their size, they should be monitored around small children. It is very easy for a full-grown Saint Bernard to inadvertently knock an adult over, let alone a child. They need daily exercise and a lot of space to run around. A properly cared for and exercised Saint Bernard should be a cinch to train.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is also known as the “gentle giant.” Their minimum adult height is 2 feet 4 inches and they weigh between 110 and 170 pounds when full-grown. They were initially bred as guard dogs, but are gentle by nature.

Great Danes can have many different color variations. They can be Blue, Black, Harlequin, Mantle, Brindle and Fawn in coloration. They have short fur and need minimal grooming. They have slender snouts and lean bodies.

Like the Saint Bernard, Great Danes need exercise every day. They are gentle, but also very energetic. They make great family dogs because of their sweet personality, but their size is daunting.

Saint Dane

As you can see, the Saint Danes parent breeds are very similar in size and temperament, but can differ in appearance. Therefore, Saint Danes vary in fur color, markings  and length as well as snout size and amount of drooling. They can have long or short hair, so grooming needs are on a dog-to-dog basis.

Saint Dane owners describe them as friendly and loyal. They share all of the personality traits of the two breeds they are born from. Though, like all dogs, behavior depends largely on their upbringing. These are very big dogs and they should be treated with respect.

If you would like to own a Saint Dane, you should be prepared to take care of him or her. They need a lot of space and plenty of exercise. They also eat an awful lot. They can be a wonderful, loving addition to any family, but only families who can accommodate their needs should adopt them.